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Pacific Vascular Institute for Continuing Medical Education

Contact PVICME

Pacific Vascular Institute for Continuing Medical Education (PVICME)
11714 North Creek Pkwy N
Suite 100
Bothell, WA. 98011
Phone: (425) 398-7772
Fax: (425) 486-8976

or email PVICME Coordinator at

Student Confidentiality

PVICME requires users of its online programs to give identification. Students attending our live activities are also required to give identification information for record keeping purposes. This information is not given out to anyone and is just for our record keeping purposes. Participant lists are not sold or distributed to manufactures or any outside parties. Occasionally, PVICME will send out survey information to get participant feedback.

Intended Audience

Our live activities and on-line activities are intended for on-going physician and other health care provider's training in the area of vascular and echo ultrasound.

Copyright and Ownership

PVICME has copyright and ownership of all materials for both the live activities and the on-line activities. None of the materials for a PVICME activity can be used without explicit permission of the PVICME office.


PVICME prides itself on providing quality education and prohibits any commercial interruption of any activity whether it is on-line or live in a classroom. PVICME follows the ACCME standards for commercial support. PVICME will not allow pop up advertising during any on-line course. PVICME faculty and staff, must disclose any financial or proprietary relationship to the learner prior to the activity.

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